To encourage young people to work and develop their career in the Mainland cities of the Greater Bay Area ("GBA"), the Government launched the GBA Youth Employment Scheme on 8 January 2021 to encourage enterprises with operation in both Hong Kong and the Mainland cities of the GBA to employ university graduates and station them to work in the Mainland cities of the GBA. The Scheme provides 2,000 places, around 700 of which are designated for innovation and technology posts.

Hong Kong residents who are legally employable in Hong Kong and hold bachelor’s degrees or above awarded by institutions in or outside Hong Kong in 2019 to 2021 may participate in the Scheme. Participating enterprises have to employ the target graduates in Hong Kong according to Hong Kong laws, offer them a monthly salary of not less than HK$18,000. Students who are interested may visit the webpage ( for details. For any enquiries related to the Scheme, please contact the GBA Youth Employment Scheme Secretariat at 2969 0446 or 2969 0460.

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